There's Plenty To Enjoy In The Lake District During The Cooler Months

The Lake District National Park located in the northwest corner of England got its name by being home to 12 of the largest lakes in England. That includes the largest natural lake in the country, Lake Windermere, which is more than 11 miles long. The local community has built up infrastructure to tempt tourists into visiting the area to explore the Lakes, take a break from the business of city life, and enjoy all that rural Lake District England has to offer.

While the area does host roughly 16 million people each year, the summer is unquestionably the busiest season. Planning a trip in the winter or fall will allow you to avoid the traffic during the busiest months. It can also allow you to experience a fun and restful vacation.

Take a tour of the incredible fall colours

The Autumn months are a brilliant time to visit the beautiful countryside of northern England. The local deciduous trees begin to change colour and drop their leaves. It creates a truly unique and gorgeous vista that you will not soon forget and which lends itself to relaxation and romance.

Those feeling adventurous can bike or hike any of a number of beautiful trails. Other people may prefer to take a driving tour of the countryside. Depending on when you schedule your trip, you can also plan to visit working farms as they bring in the fall harvest. Not only will you go home with your arms laden with fresh produce, but you will also experience the calm respite that is only possible in the rural, agricultural countryside. Whether you intend to have a day trip or want to spend the night in any of the number of excellent hotels or B&Bs nearby, there are plenty of accommodations for those who want to plan an Autumn colour trip to the Lake District.

Plan a winter visit to one of many excellent tea and coffee shops

Winter often isn't a time when people think of visiting the Lake District. Unfortunately, they are missing out on the serene beauty that overtakes the area as the ambient temperature decreases. There is any number of excellent cafes and tea shops in the Lake District, which are ideal destinations for a fun afternoon getaway, so you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea while taking a break from walking. You can also chat with fellow visitors while indulging in your favourite beverage. If a cuppa isn't what you are looking for, there are all so many restaurants and lovely places to stay. They may offer better rates during the winter as compared to the warmer and busier summer months.

Visiting the Lake District in the cooler months of the year is a great way to spend time with your family or recharge yourself after a long week at work. Instead of falling into the trap of thinking of lakes as summer destinations, it may be time to consider the Lake District your ideal Autumn or winter destination. There is beauty, hospitality, and even adventure in store for those who visit, so long as you prepare for the weather accordingly.

Article written and published by Jane Upson

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