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Accommodation in the Lakes

Quirky and unusual places to visit in the Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful location that has many quirky places for travellers to visit year-round. We’ve picked out a few that are perfec...

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Recreating What You Love By Hand

Recreating What You Love By Hand The Lake District National Park is Britain’s most visited National Park with over 23 million annual day visi...

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Traditional Crafts And Their Beginnings In The Lake District Cottage Industries

Traditional Crafts and Their Beginnings in the Lake District Cottage Industries Traditionally known for its breathtaking beauty and wonderful natur...

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Winter in the Lake District

Winter in the Lake District The Lake District is a place of utter serenity and beauty. People often venture out to the Lake District to take a break ...

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There's Plenty To Enjoy In The Lake District During The Cooler Months

The Lake District National Park located in the northwest corner of England got its name by being home to 12 of the largest lakes in England. That in...

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Preserving Native Plant Species In The Lake District

Last year The Lake District was awarded World Heritage Status. It has joined the ranks of the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu. This a...

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Visiting The Lake District? Major sport activities you should not miss

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling is a traditional sport introduced by the Vikings and it takes place in the Lakes during summer shows, with ...

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The Lake District Tourist Guide Featured Video

Are you looking at a holiday in The Lakes and need some convincing? Take a look at our featured video to see all the breathtaking views in the Lake ...

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